This is Our Community. Join Us.

Cristo Rey Community Center is a 501(C)(3) basic-needs provider serving the vulnerable populations within our community with an emphasis on access to medical care, mental health services and food.


CRCC was opened in 1968 to help meet the needs of the poor, the vulnerable, immigrants, migrants, and all people in need regardless of language or culture.


It is the vision of CRCC to break the cycle of poverty and advocate for self-sufficiency by offering critical services to our community.


CRCC understand that the roots of poverty are oftentimes embedded in more than just temporary difficulties; for this reason CRCC offers a wide range of essential services designed to meet the differing needs of families, seniors, children and all individuals in need.


All CRCC services are critical resources for basic-need fulfillment in addition to being a resource/referral source for other onsite safety-net programs. This structure allows for increased awareness and access to medical, mental health, addiction treatment and prevention services for underprivileged, underserved and vulnerable populations.