Meet Sammi


Sammi at her desk in the Clothes Closet

Samantha Wood has been volunteering at Cristo Rey Community Center for the last two years between three and five days a week. She likes to spend most of her time doing data entry in the CRCC Clothes Closet. She helps to make sure community members have access to clothing items they need, whether it be a shirt for an interview, or a coat for the cold Michigan winter. When asked why she volunteers, Sammi replied, “Because it helps me get out more, and I like it here.” Sammi also feels it is important to volunteer, “to help people.” Throughout her days spent at CRCC, Sammi has been able to build friendships with co-workers, and expand her communication skills. Cristo Rey has benefited to an even greater degree from Sammi’s help, and her delightful kind nature. After all of Sammi’s hard work, she was nominated for the 2016 Volunteer of the Year for Capitol Area United Way. Thank you Sammie for all that you do!


Sammi with her mentor, Alice, who nominated her for the Volunteer of the Year.

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