When Ben Hassenger of Lansing Area Ukulele Group stopped by to drop off both financial and food donations for CRCC’s Community Kitchen…we snapped a great pic! Karl, our awesome Volunteer Coordinator, was also on hand to make sure everything donated was stocked where it needed to go in preparation for upcoming meals.  Wonderful!

THANK YOU for all that you do!!

CRCC’s Community Kitchen serves warm, nutritious breakfasts and sack lunches every Monday through Friday with breakfast beginning at 9:00 am and lunch available from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  CRCC’s Community Kitchen was projected to serve over 22,000 meals to low-income neighbors struggling with poverty and hunger. As of October 2015, well over 22,000 meals had been served to needy individuals and families, and as the days get colder, the Community Kitchen continues to fill a great need in our community by providing a safe, warm place to find relief from the elements and nutritious food to satiate their hunger.

Are you passionate about fighting hunger in our community?  23% of our neighbors are living below the poverty line, and additional 22% do not make a living wage (data).  What does that mean?  45% of our community is at risk for food insecurity!

Community, we are NOT the community that let’s 45% of our neighbors struggle alone, feeling helpless and hungry…we are the community who steps up, comes together, and works to make lasting change.

We cannot do the important work that we do without YOU!  Please join us in our efforts by making a donation today…you could make all the difference in the world!

Cristo Rey Community Center is a basic-needs community center with an emphasis on access to food, medical care and mental health services.  Breaking the cycle of poverty, advocating for self-sufficiency!

It is the purpose of Cristo Rey Community Center (CRCC) to serve the vulnerable populations within our community by offering need-based programs with an emphasis on access to food, medical care and mental health services.

It is the vision of Cristo Rey Community Center to break the cycle of poverty and advocate for self-sufficiency by offering critical services to our community.

From feeding hungry children to providing health care and mental health services, Cristo Rey Community Center works to build stronger families and community ties.

CRCC understand that the roots of poverty are oftentimes embedded in more than just temporary difficulties; for this reason CRCC offers a wide range of essential services designed to meet the differing needs of families, seniors, children and all individuals in need.

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