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We are a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to all children, seniors, families, and individuals in need. Since 1968 we have been working to heal the sick, feed the hungry, protect and enrich children, engage and honor our elderly, and advocate for the most vulnerable in our community.

For many among us Cristo Rey Community Center has helped us to get back on our feet during difficult times, has not turned us away when we needed a doctor, food or clothing; when things felt the most desperate we were treated with the understanding and compassion that everyone deserves.

Welcome to dignity, growth and positivity. Welcome to your chance to give back. Welcome to your community center, where all things are possible.


It is the purpose of Cristo Rey Community Center to serve the vulnerable populations within our community by offering need-based programs that range from basic necessities to self-sufficiency advocacy. In fulfilling this purpose, CRCC is working to fulfill our overarching vision to break the cycle of poverty we see every day.

Cristo Rey Community Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that serves the tri-county area and is located in Lansing, MI. Cristo Rey Community Center was opened in 1968 to help meet the needs of the poor, the vulnerable, immigrants, migrants, and all people in need regardless of language or culture. Since its inception, Cristo Rey Community Center has vastly expanded its programs and the community outreach it provides.

Currently Cristo Rey Community Center has 10 on-location programs which provide critical basic-needs services, resources for self-sufficiency, and are available in either English or Spanish.

Cristo Rey Community Center’s services are open to the entire community based on need alone; there is no religious or ethnic prerequisites implied or required to receive care. Although Cristo Rey Community Center was initially dedicated to Spanish-speaking migrant care and does still offer all programs with a Spanish-English option, the modern shifting of demographics in the tri-county area has increased the cultural diversity of the vulnerable population we serve.

The goals of Cristo Rey Community Center are many-pronged, but our focus is on maintaining an infrastructure that thrives on stability, consistency, and modernity in order to fulfill our organization’s mission: to provide for the hungry, care for the sick, teach and empower our community, support individuals through difficult transitions, engage vulnerable populations who would otherwise be isolated due to language barriers, honor our elderly, and protect and enrich our youth.