On June 11, 2017, Sandy hosted more than 70 of her friends and family to celebrate her birthday. She also used this day to share the joy of Cristo Rey.

Sandy Maxim is a regular volunteer at Cristo Rey, and for her 70th birthday she wanted to give back to her favorite place. When her friends and family asked her what she wanted for her birthday, Sandy asked for everyone to bring in donations for Cristo Rey. Everyone was excited to help out.

Sandy volunteers in the kitchen at Cristo Rey, which has served more than 22,000 people this past year. “I look forward to spending time at Cristo Rey. It’s not work, it’s just reward.” Sandy is a member of East Lansing Catholic Network, and she says that social justice has become her new mission in life. As a former rehabilitation counselor, she has chosen to give back by participating with Cristo Rey.

After the party was over, Sandy had two grocery carts worth of personal needs items and non-perishable food. We are so grateful for Sandy’s contribution to Cristo Rey. Because of her giving spirit, our community members will have more access to food and simple household items they otherwise could not afford.

How Can You Help?

Inspired by Sandy’s giving spirit? Consider donating personal needs items to Cristo Rey! Click here to view our most needed items.

We can always use personal needs items to give to our community members. Simple items such as shampoo, toilet paper, or diapers can be expensive to families. Even the most basic items, though, can significantly increase somebody’s well-being.

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