Dealing with stress, anxiety, addiction or just pure frustration can start to become quite an emotional rollercoaster. The feeling that you aren’t in control of your emotions can be overwhelming. However, when there is a will there’s a how. So, why not start here with these 3 strategies.


1.) Think Inside the Box

Recognize where your emotional instability is coming from and compartmentalize those thoughts. Life has a way of throwing a lot of obstacles in our way, but that doesn’t mean you have to let those stressors taint the good parts! Give yourself some time to forget what’s been on your mind all day and enjoy time with family, friends, the sunshine or whatever it is that makes you smile.


2.) Do it Together Instead of Do It Yourself (DIY)

Sometimes we forget we are human, and that we can’t always do it all on our own. Studies from the American Psychological Association show that social support has a significant positive impact in regulating stressors and emotional instability. Mayo Clinic Healthy lifestyle page stresses (no pun intended) the benefits social interaction has on, “helping individuals find a sense of belonging, increased self-worth, and a feeling of security.” Take advantage of the strength that can be found in numbers, because then everybody wins! Cristo Rey Community Center offers group sessions where individuals can seek social support to better manage struggles with emotional regulation, parenting, substance abuse and recovery.


3.) Take Care of Yourself

You have to cover the bare necessities before you can stabilize your emotions. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep and some exercise can do for your peace of mind. It can be hard to decipher the signals your body is sending to you, so it’s crucial you start with your basic needs. There are always resources to help you achieve this first step. Cristo Rey Community Center offers food, clothing, and hygiene items to anyone in need.

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