Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


What to Know

Childhood obesity is a growing concern for younger generations as America has emerged into an obesity epidemic. It’s important for obese children to develop the necessary lifestyle habits to combat childhood obesity such as dieting, exercising and regular doctor visits in order to ensure they can live a long and happy life. Not only can bad habits cultivated in younger years lead to unhealthy habits in adult years, but serious health issues can arise as a result of obesity at a young age. Type-2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and sleep apnea are just a few examples of the various implications of childhood obesity that can be prevented.



Exercise is important to children both physically and mentally. Not only is play essential to their cognitive development, but it is a completely free way to fight childhood obesity. Activity outside, sports games, or even walking to and from school can make a difference in a child’s health. However, rigorous physical activity is truly the most effective component in adopting a healthier lifestyle. It’s recommended that children work at least 3 days  of rigorous activity into their weekly routine.


Healthy eating can make a significant difference in a child’s overall well-being. It’s especially important to make sure kids are consuming the proper vitamins and nutrients while they’re growing. Keep it simple by obeying the 5-2-1-0 rule. This consists of making sure children receive 5 or more servings of fruit or vegetables a day, 2 hours or less of TV, computer, or video games, 1 hour of physical activity, and zero sweetened beverages.

Doctor visits

To stay on track, make sure to keep up with regular doctor visits. Doctors ensure that the path to overcoming childhood obesity is healthy and effective. Keep in mind that losing weight should be a gradual process if it’s likely to last long term. Consider making a plan with your pediatrician with a set of goals over a healthy timeline. Remember- Cristo Rey is a great resource for families seeking help in overcoming childhood obesity. Learn more about getting connected to the CRCC Family Health Clinic here.


Learn more about childhood obesity prevention, free resources and ways to have fun while staying on track!

Choose MyPlate


This website is a free tool that provides information on how to understand complicated nutrition labels, exercise routines and what foods to choose including daily checklists, videos and other resources in both English and Spanish options.

Tips for Parents


The Center for Disease Control offers tips for parents to remove temptations, balance calories and stay active.

YMCA Scholarship


Learn about the YCMA Financial Assistance Program and how to apply here.

Food Distribution


Free healthy meals, food boxes and supplemental groceries are available at Cristo Rey through our Food Access Programs.


Parks and Recreation


Look at the Lansing Parks and Recreation website for upcoming events and find a park near you with open space for exercise.

Smart Substitutions


The American Heart Association offers a list of smart substitutions which help you to use healthier ingredients in your favorite recipes.

Recipe Ideas


Over 400 healthy, affordable recipes for any time of the day.

Learn the Facts


Let’s Move! is a free online resource that keeps parents and kids informed about childhood obesity health risks, ways to get active and how to get started.